Best Irons for Sewing And Quilting

With a dizzying array of irons for sewing and quilting available, finding the right iron can leave you much trouble. To help you out of the annoying problem, I’ve listed irons for sewing and quilting for your reference.

Read my reviews and find the best iron. Don’t wait a minute, just do!

Best budget Irons for Sewing And Quilting

SteamFast SF-717 Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

Dual voltage for travel convenience, 420 watts, 1.4-oz water capacity, three temperature settings, sets crisp creases and removes wrinkles, easy to use, great for quick touch-ups at home and away, quick 15-second heat-up for steam, one-touch steam control, lightweight-only one pound, works on almost all fabrics, heat-resistant travel bag included, ETL Listed, 1-year limited warranty.

Irons for Sewing And Quilting Reviews
  • “This little iron fits perfectly in your hand, puts out plenty of steam and heats up very quickly.” – quiltlady
  • “It is small but perfect for ironing down those new seams when piecing quilt blocks.” – P. Robles
  • “I needed a small very lightweight travel iron for a trip with a weight limit on luggage.” – C. Robinson

Oliso TG1050 1600 Watts Smart Iron

Thanks to Oliso’s award-winning iTouch technology, the TG1050 Steam Iron prevents scorching, accidental tipping and burns. It makes quick work of laundry piles and, best of all, reduces strain on wrists and shoulders caused by repetitive lifting.

Irons for Sewing And Quilting Reviews
  • “This is an awesome little iron — so very much fun to use.” – Cathy Burkett
  • “Next time, I’ll spend my money elsewhere.” – Jeni
  • “Heats up fast and steam setting is nice and hot.” – Jeannie

Oliso TG1600 1800 Watts Smart Iron Pro

The Oliso TG1600 Pro features Oliso’s patented iTouch technology. Simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. Take your hand off and the patented scorchguards lift the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns, and tipping.

Irons for Sewing And Quilting Reviews
  • “Love this iron for quilt piecing.” – Brian G. Foster
  • “I was glad I could turn off the auto lift feature because it drove me nuts… Maybe I would have gotten used to it in time, but it was so touchy that I just gave up.” – Allison
  • “I contacted Oliso and explained what happened and they were very happy to help me and told me how to return the iron for repair or they would replace it.” – quilter

Rowenta DA1560 Classic Compact Steam Iron with 200 Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate 1000 Watt, Purple

The DA1560 is a compact iron with all the benefits of a full sized Rowenta. Powerful steam is generated at a constant rate for optimal efficiency with a burst of steam button to remove tough wrinkles.

Irons for Sewing And Quilting Reviews
  • “Fabulous little travel steam iron that heats quickly and equals the steam of a full size iron.” – Debra D. Grove
  • “This is the best travel iron I’ve ever used.” – Kelly A. Risinger
  • “I thought it was a fluke, but after this experience, I will no longer be buying any model of Rowenta iron.” – Avid Reader

Smartek Steam Iron / Model: ST-1200G / Green color

The Smartek Full Function Steam Iron offers an easy and convenient way to keep your clothes looking fresh and neat. steam and heat control:  With various levels of steam and heat control, this versatile steamer can be used on anything from your favorite pair of jeans to your finest silk blouse.

Irons for Sewing And Quilting Reviews
  • “It is lightweight, heats up quickly, and works well all around I certainly would have paid more for an item that works this well.” – dmsmith
  • “I recommend this iron for anyone who does a lot of ironing or for someone (like me) who don’t do much ironing but wants a GOOD iron when I do.”” – Toby Klein
  • “First…what happened to on, off, simple degree settings by numbers” All this stupid sign language-universal signs is c*%p. And it does not get hot enough.” – Sharon

Mary Ellen's Best Press Refills 1 Gallon-Caribbean
Mary Ellen Products

This is a clear starch alternative with soil guard and wrinkle resister. Makes ironing easier, wonderful scents, non-flaking even on dark fabrics, non-clogging, acid-free, leaves no residue behind, relaxes stubborn wrinkles, gives clothing a crisp, new finish, makes clothes soil-resistant, does not attract bugs and make fabrics look like new.

Irons for Sewing And Quilting Reviews
  • “The Mary Ellen’s Best Press Refill is a great way to starch your clothes.” – Chad M
  • “Great for ironing fabric for quilting and for sewing!” – Deborah Lamb
  • “Great stuff – much less expensive than buying new or even refilling at local quilt stores.” – Amy Roberts

Suggestions of the Best irons for sewing and quilting

Do you have any irons for sewing and quilting suggestions that you think irons for sewing and quilting would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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